Dear Sponsors, Captains, Anglers and Volunteers:

Welcome to the 29th Annual Ladies Invitational Bluefish Tournament!

As the state of our economic environment continues to struggle, the uninsured population continues to grow making the efforts of the Ladies Invitational Bluefish Tournament even more important. Since 2008 your ongoing support has assisted over 2,300 women in our community.

In 2012 LIBT experienced something never seen in our history. The 36 registered boats and the 162 anglers were unable to fish due to weather. Despite being restricted to land the captains and anglers were entered into a drawing for the prize payouts and all attendees of the awards dinner enjoyed a night of fun and excitement. The support and dedication of all our sponsors, captains and anglers allowed the Ladies Invitational Bluefish Tournament to raise $33,000 for the AtlantiCare Mobile Mammography unit. This brings our grand total to $588,000.

Each year the committee continues to nurture existing relationships while building new ones. In 2013 we recognize the support of our major sponsors: St. George’s Pub and Equity Communications (95.1 WAYV). We are especially grateful for the outpouring of support in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Despite the fact that many of our sponsors were financially impacted by the storm their commitment to our cause continued.

As a supporter of the Ladies Invitational Bluefish Tournament, your generosity and commitment are deeply appreciated by the committee and even more so by the increased number of women who truly need your help.

On behalf of the Ladies Invitational Bluefish Tournament, please accept our gratitude for your continued support over the past 28 years. With your assistance, many more women will get screened for breast cancer, and lives will be saved! These are the lives of your wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, neighbors, and friends. Until breast cancer is eradicated from our society, we will continue “Fishing to Fight Cancer”.

Please mark your calendars:

The 30th Annual LIBT fishing date is scheduled for Saturday, June 13, 2014. The banquet will be held on Sunday, June 14, 2014.

Thank you again for being a part of our success and for supporting the LIBT. You continue to make a big difference!

Enjoy the day!

Kimberly Kirk